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              Cooperate to Fight against “Fitow” and Seek Security by Controlling Flood 2013-10-08
              Dunli Electric Organized Party Members and Management Backbone to Visit and Exchange in Hailiang Group 2013-09-16
              2013 “Dunli Cup” Industrial Design Competition Conference was Held in Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau 2013-09-05
              Communist Youth League Organized the Members of Youth League in the Group to Learn the Spirit of the Seventeenth Congress of the League 2013-07-22
              Dunli Electric Appeared in the 24th China Refrigeration Exhibition 2013-04-11
              The “Double Certificate System” Class of the Group Held its Graduation Ceremony 2012-12-31
              33 Employees Participated in Graduation Examination for Senior Welder Training 2012-11-26
              Celebrate the Opening of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Stamp Exhibition of the Eighteenth “Dunli Cup” 2012-11-05
              The Group Held Knowledge Contest to Celebrate “May Day”, Welcome “May Fourth”, and Emphasize “Safety” 2012-04-30
              “Double Certificate System” Class of the Group was opened, 167 Employees reviewed their “Student Dream” 2012-04-11
              The Sucker Independently Researched and Developed by Nanlun Industry Wins “Innovation Award” in East China Fair 2012-03-06
              Dunli Electric Wins the “Eagles Cup” Merit Prize of Enterprise with the Most Growth Potential 2012-01-02
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