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              Summer Camp “Little Migratory Birds” Carried by the Group
                    To let children of migrant workers spend a happy summer holiday, Summer Camp “Little Migratory Birds” was officially opened on the morning of July 25 in the dormitory canteen of the southern factory area of the Group. The five-day camp was hosted by Renhe Sub-district Federation of Trade Unions and undertaken by the Group Labor Union, aiming at enriching holiday life of “Little Migratory Birds” and let “Little Migratory Birds” spend a happy and fulfilling holidays. The activity was rich and colorful and it offered courses like creative arts, English for fun, taekwondo and health and safety education. The site of activity was cheerful. It broadens experience and knowledge of children and created rich and colorful summer camp life for children. 5 teachers from Yuhang Yaxi Education Training School and children of 22 employees had a happy time together. 
                    Summer Camp “Little Migratory Birds” this time has received unanimous affirmation from parents.
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