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              A Safe Vacation, A Happy Summer ——Summer Camp “Little Migratory Birds” Starts
                    To let children of migrant workers spend a happy summer holiday, Summer Camp “Little Migratory Birds”, which was hosted by Federation of Trade Union and undertaken by the Group Labor Union, was opened on the morning of August 1st. There were 16 children of Group staff participating in the camp.
                  Professional teachers from Yaxi Education Training School were invited who educated and guided children to raise their awareness of safety in the form of stories, safety knowledge lectures, etc. In addition, the teachers of Yaxi Education Training School explained the knowledge of prevention of drowning, fire prevention, transportation safety and so on in combination with cases of hidden security threat and introduced the preventive measures as well as the rescue methods. At the same time, the activities encouraged children to participate actively and speak enthusiastically with rewards, which made children know and understand the hidden security threat, achieving the goal of safety education and making the children enjoy a safe summer vacation.
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