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              Metal home furnishing
              Hangzhou Nanlun Industry Co., Ltd. is the industrial company of Dunli Group metal home furnishing, specializing in manufacturing kitchen and toilet products, kitchen basket, combination steel and wood furniture, industrial net cover, medical equipment and other products, which are applicable in home kitchen, bathroom, laundry, storage room, living room, bar, supermarket, garden and other environment. The company has many large equipment of laser cutting machines, welding robots, digital controlled forming machines and CNCs, equipped with complete testing means of raw material mechanical property testing machines, physicochemical analysis, salt spraying testing machine, being able to design, develop, manufacture all kinds of wire, pipe, plate and other metal products. The company has various surface treatment methods which include electric plating, spray-painting, dip-coating, lacquering, dip-painting, etc. Particularly, the important development of trivalent chrome plating technology has reached domestic advanced level and is in line with European environmental standards.

              Tel:+86 0571-86302667 +86 86302026
              E-mail: nanlunindustry @dunli.com
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